FAQ Recipients

Do you want to nominate a family for this program? If you know enough about them to fill out a wishlist and personal information, then by all means, but we recommend you getting them involved with the process to make sure everything is clear and that their santa doesn’t drop off presents to a family that looks completely deer-in-headlights confused.

 How many gifts should my family expect to receive? Santas are instructed to provide one gift for each member of the family. Any additional gifts that they may choose to provide are at their discretion and are bonuses.

When will I receive the presents? Your Secret Santa has your contact information and will be in touch to deliver the presents. The presents will be delivered no later than December 18th. If you have not heard from your Santa, please wait until the 18th to let us know. Most Santas seem to reach out and deliver presents at the very end of the deadline.

Will the presents arrive wrapped? Yes, the presents will be wrapped and labeled with the receiving family member’s name on it/them.

I don’t live in Routt County, but I could really use this service. What are my options? We would love to help everyone in need during this time. Unfortunately, we are unable to assist those outside of Routt County. Please refer to your local assistance programs.

I haven’t heard from my Secret Santa, what should I do? If you have not heard from your Santa, please wait until the 18th. At that time if you still have not heard, please email our team at [email protected].

I need to remain completely anonymous from my Secret Santa, is that an option? If it is a necessity that you remain completely anonymous, we have a process in place. There is a question regarding this on the form, please make sure to fill it out appropriately.

I think I signed up, but I’m not sure. Should I sign up again? If you signed up and hit submit at the bottom, you should immediately receive an email confirmation. If you did not receive the email confirmation, please send us an email, but do not sign up again. Please check your spam folder. 

I signed up, but didn’t receive an email that my form was submitted. What should I do? If you did not receive an automatic email that we have received your form, that means we likely did not receive it. However, please do not fill out another form. First email us to confirm whether or not we have received it at [email protected].

 I signed up, but haven’t yet received my match. New this year, Santa’s will begin signing up November 16th. If you have not been matched with a Santa by the end of November, please email us at [email protected].

After signing up, how quickly will I be matched? Santa’s won’t start signing up until November 16th so you will not be matched until that time. If you have not received an email that you have been matched by the end of November, please send us an email at [email protected]

I haven’t heard from my Secret Santa, what should I do? If you have not heard from your Santa, please wait until the 18th of December. At that time if you still have not heard, please email our team at [email protected].

I need help throughout the year, are you able to help at other times? Unfortunately, we are only a service around the holidays. Please reach out to your local assistance programs at other times of the year.

I want to make a change to my wishlist, how do I do that? Please email us as soon as possible!

I could really use some money, can I ask for money or a gift card? Secret Santas will not provide gift cards or money of any kind.

What are appropriate wish list items? I don’t want to ask for too much. The more items that you put on your list, the easier it is for your Secret Santa to shop for you so that they can choose what is an appropriate amount for them to spend. We have no monetary requirements/suggestions so each Santa will spend differently. If you put an unreasonable item on a wishlist (ie. high-priced electronics, marijuana, etc) we will simply delete those items prior to forwarding your wishlist to the Santa.

When is the deadline to sign up? The deadline to sign up is Wednesday, November 15th.

Help, I have missed the sign-up deadline, what can I do? There are many amazing programs in the community. Here are a few that might be able to assist you:
-Routt County United Way: [email protected]
-Integrated Community: [email protected]
-Bit of Sunshine: https://www.bitofsunshine.org
-Routt County Reindeer: [email protected]