FAQ Santas

Do you want to nominate a family for this program? If you know enough about them to fill out a wishlist and personal information, then by all means, but we recommend you get them involved with the process to make sure everything is clear and that their Santa doesn’t drop off presents to a family that looks completely deer-in-headlights confused.

What is the monetary commitment to be a Secret Santa? Recipient families are asked to provide a list of multiple gift options for each family member, but they are only expecting to receive one gift for each member of their family. Although we cannot estimate the cost that this will entail, one can assume that accommodating a larger family will be more costly, and accommodating a smaller family or an individual will be less costly. You are welcome to choose the size of the party that you will be matched with. Please know that additional gifts are at your discretion. We will send you the family Wishlist for your approval prior to completing the match assignment.

I signed up, but haven’t received an email that my form was submitted. What should I do? If you did not receive an automatic email that we have received your form, that means we did not receive it. Please feel free to send us an email at [email protected].

I received my form submission confirmation email, but haven’t yet received my match. Please be patient with us. We are a crew of volunteer-based working parents and we take into account a lot of factors when making our matches. If a week has gone by and you still have not been matched, please email us.

I have these great used (or even new) items, can I donate them? Steamboat Secret Santas cannot accept any donations of any kind. Once you are matched with a family, you are welcome to offer them to the family, but you must also purchase a new item for each family member on their Wishlist.

Do I have to wrap the presents? Yes, the presents should be delivered wrapped and labeled with the receiving individual’s name on the present(s).

When do I have to deliver the presents? You will be provided with the recipient’s contact information so that you are able to coordinate, but gift delivery needs to be no later than December 18th (but please, the sooner the better)!

Where do I deliver the presents? Your initial match assignment will dictate where your gift delivery should be. Most gifts are to be delivered directly to the Recipient. If you feel strongly about being anonymous, please indicate this in your sign-up form.

I can’t get in touch with my Recipient Family, what should I do? We have confirmed your Recipient contact information prior to sending it to you. The local Spanish-speaking community is easiest to get in touch with through the app, WhatsApp. If you have tried to contact them via WhatsApp, phone, and email, but have had no luck, please email us at: [email protected].

I feel weird meeting my Recipient to deliver presents. Your Recipient has chosen to meet you at gift delivery. They had the choice to not meet you and be completely anonymous, but instead have chosen to meet you so please don’t feel uncomfortable!